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Muncie, IN

About Us

Incorporated in 1980, Action for Animals, Inc. is an all volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to helping the animals of Delaware County, Indiana.

We take in stray cats and dogs from Delaware County, Indiana (although, at this time, we have no dog foster homes so we are unable to take in dogs), provide medical care, spay/neuter surgery, and placement into permanent homes.  We DO NOT take owner surrenders, however, if you adopted a pet from our organization, we will always take him/her back into our program. 

We implement a Catch, Alter, Release program to help control the unwanted feral/free roaming cat overpopulation in Delaware County.

Also, we have our Spay Day program, providing $20 off a spay or neuter surgery to anyone in our county or in other areas that need financial assistance with the cost of altering their pets.  **TEMPORARILY unavailable.  We are hoping we receive donations or are awarded a grant so we can restart this program.**

We promote responsible pet ownership through our education efforts.

AFA Programs

1. Spay/Neuter Assistance Program: AFA provides Spay Day coupons, giving $20 off a spay/neuter surgery for owned pets.  Please contact Sharon  for more information. These are honored by all area veterinarians and most vets in East Central Indiana as well.  The coupons are limited in quantity and given out on a first come, first served basis.  **TEMPORARILY unavailable.  We are hoping we receive donations or are awarded a grant so we can restart this program.  

2. Injured and Distressed Program: Unowned stray pets (at this time, cats/kittens only) that are found, who are injured or in distress, are medically treated and  then placed in foster care, as space and resources allow, to be made available for adoption once recovered and fully vetted (altered, vaccinated, etc.).  Contact Sharon  for more details.

3. Catch/Alter/Release Program: AFA assists in the trapping of feral/free roaming cats in Delaware County, has them spayed/neutered, vaccinated for Rabies and distemper, treated for existing injuries (if possible), and released where they have an established territory and a food/shelter source (unless deemed “adoptable” by an AFA representative, when foster space exists).   Contact Sharon for more information.

4. Foster Care Program: Currently, AFA, has a very small number of foster homes who are able to socialize and care for the cats and kittens in the AFA program prior to adoption online or at PetSmart. Our foster homes remain full most of the time. In fact, we normally have a very long waiting list. We cannot and do NOT accept owner surrenders. However, we will always take back a pet that was adopted from AFA.  Otherwise we accept only strays from Delaware County, Indiana and only as space allows. Contact Sharon  for more details about space in our foster homes and the waiting list.  Contact Sharon if you would like to become a foster home.

5. Pet Adoption Program: We always have some of our cats/kittens are available through our local PetSmart (Muncie, IN), which can be met in person during regular store hours, and/or online at . Others are also in our foster homes, waiting to go to PetSmart and may have not been posted to the mentioned websites. Below is more info about our adoption procedures. Please contact Carol or Jammie  for more details.

6. Pet Ownership Problems: Assistance with individual pet behavioral questions is available by contacting Carol.

7. AFA In-Service: AFA representatives, upon request, visit local schools and other community organizations to educate children/adults on the programs provided by AFA, the responsibilities of responsible pet ownership, and the need to spay/neuter pets.  Contact Sharon  for more details.

8.  HOPE Fund:  AFA has a very limited amount of money that is used to help owned pets receive urgent medical treatment.  There is a cap on the amount that can be spent per pet and we strongly encourage any unaltered pet be spayed/neutered (can be included in the treatment of the pet if necessary) after the illness or injury is taken care of.  We also ask that every effort to repay the funds is made by the pet owner, even in small increments over several weeks or months.  Unless people repay the fund, no other animals will be able to be assisted.  Contact Sharon  for more details. **TEMPORARILY unavailable.  We are hoping we receive donations or are awarded a grant so we can restart this program.**

9.  Volunteers--always needed:  We are an all volunteer non profit organization so the need for volunteers is great!  We need help with meeting and greeting potential adopters at PetSmart for both everyday times as well as during special adoption events.  We also need volunteers for fundraising events through out the year.   Please contact Carol  or Jammie  for details.  Volunteers for other programs, such as the CAR program and foster program (contact Sharon) are also needed.

10. Assistance to residents and other animal advocacy organizations:AFA works in concert with other local, state, and national groups for the benefit of all animals.  Contact Carol or Jammie for more info.

11. Pet Food Pantry:  AFA hosts a community pet food pantry on the 3rd Thursday of each month at Liberty Tax Service, 4415 N. Broadway Ave., Muncie, IN  47303 from 1pm - 5pm.  Donations, both monetary or food/supplies are desperately needed in order to keep our pantry doors open! Contact Teresa for more info.

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