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Muncie, IN

Adopt a Pet!

We place approximately 15 cats/kittens per month through our foster program. Most of our placements are done through our local PetSmart store. You can also go to or to see many of our available pets.

There is an application process that we follow.  If you have pets already, we do require verification that your current pets are up to date on vaccinations, especially for Rabies (per state law). If you rent, we require verification from your landlord/apartment manager that you are permitted to have indoor pets. We also ask for and contact two personal references. This process is to help protect all involved, especially the animal to be placed. We want to do our best to ensure that our pets are going to a home that will care for them and be able to be their "forever" home.

The application can be found at PetSmart (on the clipboard beside our cage bank), or by contacting Carol or Jammie.   Once filled out, the application can be given to a manager or cashier at PetSmart, who will then fax it to Carol or Jammie, or individuals can email or fax completed adoption applications to Carol or Jammiethemselves.

 The application processing takes approximately 24-48 hours, depending on how easy it is to reach your references.  It may take more time on weekends and holidays to reach vet references and property management/landlords.  You may also want to let your personal references know to be expecting a call and ask them to check and return their voice-mail messages. 

Once an application is approved, you will be contacted by one of our adoption facilitators to arrange a meeting to go over the medical information for the pet and any special information about the pet with you.  Then, you can take your pet home and begin a wonderful life together!  These meetings are usually done at the Muncie PetSmart but other arrangements can be made if necessary.  If you are applying online and have not met the pet yet, it is usually best to be pre-approved for the adoption, and then meet the pet.  That way, at the meeting, if you decide that you do make a connection with the pet, you can take him/her home right then.  If you choose to wait to fill out an application after meeting the pet, another meeting to do the actual adoption will need to be arranged.

We ask for a minimum adoption donation of $65 to help defray the medical/care costs that we incur on each pet.  All of our adoptees are tested for FeLV/FIV, spayed or neutered, up to date on vaccines, and microchipped.  Our average expenses per healthy pet are $125. Our injured or sick friends cost significantly more to fully address their medical needs! Sometimes, the extra costs are minimal, but more often than not, our injured/sick friends accrue costs of $200-$300 -- or more.

For more information or any questions about our adoption procedures, please contact Sharon.

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