Action for Animals, Inc.

Muncie, IN

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We love to hear from our adoptive families and particularly enjoy receiving pictures of our kitties in their new homes. Please remember us in your picture memories and send us updates.

We are also always eager to respond to any questions or suggestions you might have.  These questions may be about our organization, volunteer opportunities or about an injured or distressed animal.  Please contact any of the following:

Phone:  765-741-7858
Messages will be checked and passed on to the appropriate board member every day or two.


Action for Animals, Inc.
P.O. Box 835
Muncie, IN  47308

Board Members' Contact Information:

(Please no phone calls after 10:00 p.m.  Also, please remember that we are all volunteers and, at times, one or more of us may be unavailable.  We all try to return our voice mails and emails in a timely fashion.  Please forgive any delays.)

For the Catch, Alter, Release program and
our waiting list for foster animal intake,
general information, foster home, membership,
official requests,  etc.:

Sharon Sharkitt:
Cell: 765-748-4901

For adoption questions,  volunteering at PetSmart, other volunteer opportunities,  or questions on pet behavior:

Carol Dean:
Home: 765-273-0569

Jammie Minniear
Home: 765-748-1325

For general questions:

Beth Brunner
Cell: 765-350-0440

Teresa Sparks:
Cell (text, too): 765-730-0948
Fax: 765-282-1231

For some convenience we have added a box below to email Sharon with any questions or concerns! 

Email Sharon
First Name:
Last Name:

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