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Hello and welcome to our website! Our site is new, so you will continue to see changes to the content in the coming months. We welcome you to check our site for new updates about our organization and the cause we're supporting. Please feel free to contact us.

Community Pet
Food Pantry

We are thrilled to announce that our Action for Animals Pet Food Pantry has finally been able to open its' doors!  On the third Thursday of each month, people who are having financial hardship living in Muncie/Delaware County can come to Liberty Tax Service, 4415 N. Broadway Ave., Muncie, IN  47303 from 1pm - 5pm and receive food for their dogs and cats.  At this time, people can come to the pantry every other month.  This is to try to ensure that we will be able to assist more families.  All pets must be spayed/neutered.  Food can be alloted one time prior to this being done, but in order to be eligible for food again, proof of surgery (receipt from vet) must be turned in to us.  If needed, AFA will assist with this surgery as much as possible.

In order to obtain assistance, you must have a valid photo ID each time you come and you must provide us with proof of financial need (i.e. a food stamp card, SSI or SSD paperwork, pay stub, etc--please contact us for a more detailed list if needed.)

Our first open day was on August 17, 2012.  We were absolutely astounded at the number of people who came to us for help.  We assisted nearly 150 families in just a few short hours!  At the end of August 2015, we have over 1400 families who have been assisted through this program.

Spay Neuter Assistance
Spay Neuter Services of Indiana would love your help spreading the word about the Pet Friendly plate and the vital programs it funds. Here are a couple of ways to help:  Go to this site and learn more!

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